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Wrapping tape factory from China

In addition to the cable itself, one of the most important equipment used to make the cable work normally is the wrapping tape.
A common feature of wrapping tape is the semi conductive property. It's important to note that both non-conductive and semi conductive tapes are available. Each use is based on the specific application required. Semi conductive tape performs necessary electrical function within the cable. In most cases, the main function is to balance the excitation current around the conductor or core to ensure the electrical contact with the grounding system. This is essential to reduce the electrical stress of insulating materials and to provide enhanced performance. Now all kinds of wrapping tape factory technology in the market are more mature, in this condition, the price of wrapping tape has become a very important competitive factor. So, if you want to buy a certain amount of wrapping tape, you have to choose a company with your own factory. Because they generally provide lower prices on the premise of quality assurance. In addition, the manufacturer you want to choose should be able to accept huge orders, and he should be able to provide any customization you need in terms of quality, color, size, width and pattern.
Wrapping tape

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