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The difference between Pvc Electrical Tape and insulating tape

PVC electric tape is made of soft polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film as base material and coated with rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive. It has good insulation, flame resistance, voltage resistance, cold resistance and other characteristics. It is suitable for automotive wiring, winding, insulation protection, etc.. Polyester electrical tape, also known as Myra tape, is made of polyester film and solvent pressure sensitive adhesive, tensile strength, high temperature resistance, used in the manufacture of various transformers.

Insulating tape specifically refers to the electrician used to prevent leakage, the role of insulation tape. Also called insulation tape,composed of baseband and pressure-sensitive adhesive layer. The base band is made of cotton fabric, synthetic fiber fabric and plastic film. The adhesive layer is made of rubber and tackifier resin. It has good adhesion and good insulation performance. Insulation tape has good insulation, pressure resistance, flame retardant, weather resistance and other characteristics, suitable for wire connection, electrical insulation protection and other characteristics.
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Pvc Electrical Tape
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