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Pvc Electrical Insulation Tape supplier in China

Are you looking for high quality Pvc Electrical Insulation Tape ?Shijiazhuang Longgong Plastic Products company is a professional all kinds of tape supplier in China.

Pvc Electrical Insulation Tape is based on PVC (polyvinyl chloride) film, and the special rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive formula is applied to the surface of base material. And it has the characteristics of holding and contact adhesion, it is a kind of commonly used electrical insulation self adhesive material.

The tape has wide application range, it can be applied to the base station antenna and wire, wire and cable joint endoscope insulation protection, electrical insulation protection, color protection, sheath, met harness banding, automotive wiring and other applications, it can also be used for industrial process of binding, fixed, overlapping, repair, sealing and protection.
1.It is suitable for indoor and outdoor environment.
2.It has strong elasticity, good elasticity and good weather resistance. It is widely used for the insulation protection of electrical components and wires. Yi Si.
3.The base material is rich in colors (black, yellow, white, green, brown, red, blue, milky white, etc.).
4.It contains no volatile organic compounds (VOC), is safe and environmentally friendly, and has no corrosion on the surface of the adhesive.
5.The substrate surface or sub surface of the flash light, soft, elastic, high strength, good insulation properties, good transparency, good viscosity, electrical insulation and sealing, excellent insulation performance is stable in damp environment and water electrical.
6.Products are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, harmless, flame retardant and high pressure type to choose from.
Pvc Electrical Insulation Tape
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