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PVC Insulation Tape Manufacturers

Shijiazhuang Longgong Plastic Products company has abundant advantage in  the production of  PVC Insulation Tape.
PVC Insulation Tape specifically refers to the electrical used to prevent leakage, from the insulation of the tape. Also known as insulating tape, tape, by the baseband and pressure-sensitive adhesive layer composition. Base band generally used cotton, synthetic fiber fabric and plastic film, The adhesive layer is made of rubber and tackifier resin. The adhesive is good in adhesion and good in insulation. Insulation tape has good insulation, pressure resistance, flame retardant, weather resistance and other characteristics, suitable for wire connection, electrical insulation, heat insulation protection and other characteristics.
In the process of electricity consumption, although people pay attention to the size of the cross section of the power line material has an impact on the safe use of electricity, but often attach little attention to the use of insulation tape.Power lines are becoming more and more complex. They are all under the wooden floor, in the wall, in the clapboard and in the damp underground or in the water. If the insulation tape is improperly used, leakage will occur and endanger personal safety. So we should use insulation tape correctly.
PVC Insulation Tape

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