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Flame Retardant Tape Factory

Flame retardant tape is made of special polymer materials, non-toxic, non solvent, cold construction, self-adhesive waterproof sealing adhesive tape, used for air duct flange sealing, bonding joint flue sealing process and sealing the hole. It has the advantages of thermal permeability, oil resistance, water resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, long service life, easy operation, no irritating odor, no pollution to the environment.It has good adhesion to metal and nonmetal. The sticky object should be removed dirt, oil, dust and other dirt on the stickies. And the product is self-adhesive material, should be affixed to place once. Can not be reused.
Normally, the service life of the tape is 20 years. When storing, flame retardant tape should be placed in a cool and dry place, avoiding heat source, sun or rain. Or stored in the waterproof, moisture-proof, clean, dry, avoid sunlight indoors, away from the heat source is not less than 1 meters.
Flame Retardant Tape Factory

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